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Faculty Call & “The Merging of Brilliance”

Hi, Everyone!

THIS WEEK, we have a special ChangeWorks® Faculty call and our regular Thursday call.  PLEASE NOTE: In response to the request by many of our regular call attendees, all calls will now start at 12PM Eastern.  Here are the details:

Certified ChangeWorks® System Coach: Dialogue Session Demonstration —

We will have our next Certified  ChangeWorks® System Coach Faculty call on Wednesday, January 23 at 12PM Eastern / 9AM Pacific.  During this call, we will continue to explore the outline for a Dialogue Session and present the revised and updated website, so all Faculty Members are encouraged to attend.  Please REGISTER for the call by following the link below:

If you missed the last several Faculty calls, here are the links:

December 10, 2018 Faculty Call

December 17, 2018 Faculty Call

January 3, 2019 Faculty Call

January 10, 2019 Faculty Call

January 17, 2019 Faculty Call


ChangeWorks® Forum: Ongoing Professional Development —

On a previous call, we began a discussion on the Merging of Brilliance, reviewing some of the academic, scientific and historic foundations for the ChangeWorks® System. If you missed the call, here’s the link to the recording:

Thursday, January 24, 2019 from 12PM to 1PM Eastern, we will pick up where we left off and look at more of the “Maps of Humanity” that led to the ChangeWorks® System as we know it today. Here’s the registration link:

Hope to have you on our calls —




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