For Community Builders ONLY

Are YOU a Community Builder?


How many people do YOU know who would benefit from membership in the ChangeWorks® Community?

If you’re the kind of person who just can’t resist the temptation to share great opportunities with your friends and colleagues, we’d like to recognize and reward your contribution to the growth of the ChangeWorks® Community.

Just refer ONE person who becomes a member of the ChangeWorks® Community and we’ll upgrade your status from “Community Member” to “Community Builder” — and we’ll invite you to enroll in any one of our upcoming “Community Builders ONLY” training programs absolutely FREE of charge. That‘s a $295 gift just for spreading the news about what our Community has to offer.

Qualifying couldn’t be easier. Just send an email to Linda Napier at with the name(s) of the new members you referred and, with our deepest appreciation, we’ll send your “Builder’s Permit” right away.

Each month, we offer a special training course exclusively for our Community Builders. Click on the course title for more information. Here’s what’s coming up:

MasterStream® Essentials

Principles of Pride-Based Leadership® —

The Precision Decision Process —

The Accountable Self —

Every time you refer someone who becomes a member of the ChangeWorks® Community, you receive a “Builder’s Permit” to attend a “Community Builders ONLY” program.  You can use the permit for any of the programs we have scheduled — and you can share your permits with other members of the ChangeWorks® Community.

We do post a list price of $295 for each program, but our standard practice is to encourage anyone who wants to PAY for the program to give the gift of a ChangeWorks® Community membership to one of their colleagues or clients instead.  If the member simply insists on paying the program fee (which has NEVER happened), then IPT grants memberships to 3 individuals who would otherwise not be in the position to join our community.