Professional Licensing & Support

Unparalleled services — Unwavering commitment.


Providing comprehensive training programs is the just the beginning of what we do! To ensure their success, we offer our licensed ChangeWorks® Professionals a level of support untouched by any other organization of our kind. With more than 350 hours of expansion and enrichment webinars, unlimited use packages for our online tools and unlimited private coaching sessions, we’re here to help.

Licensing and Support Services —

No two human development professionals build identical practices. In fact, each is as different as the person who started it. With that in mind, we have created a full-range of licensing and support packages designed to provide the level of support most appropriate for your business model. From a simple personal membership … to individual and group ChangeWorks® profiles … to teaching programs on Tension Management®, we offer the services and support you need most at a rate that any business can afford. LEARN MORE.

Ongoing Education —

Each month, we offer continuing education opportunities for our ChangeWorks® Community members and licensed ChangeWorks® Professionals on a variety of topics related to their business development efforts and the expansion of the programs and services they offer to their clients.  Depending on the support package you choose, you can learn how to market and sell your services more effectively, explore dozens of ways to integrate the ChangeGrid® into your work and participate in programs applying the principles and techniques of Tension Management® to core business areas. For a list of upcoming events, VISIT OUR BLOG.