2014 ChangeWorks® Needs Assessment Application Study


If you’re a training and development professional working in an organizational setting or operating an independent practice, this study is designed with you in mind.

We’re looking for 500 professionals to volunteer as participants in our 2014 ChangeWorks® Needs Assessment Application Study. During the study we will be using the ChangeGrid® assessment tool, a non-traditional diagnostic tool designed for use by professional trainers, coaches and consultants. It enables the professionals to explore individual and group readiness and engagement at the activity-specific level — and describes the current situation in a targeted population, predicts their future behavior and prescribes appropriate actions for optimizing their results.

The purpose of this study is twofold:

1) to establish the practical value of the ChangeGrid® as a tool for performing needs assessments on both individuals and groups.

2) to identify patterns in the current needs of professionals across the training and development industry.

Your input is vital — and a tremendous service to your fellow professionals as we strive to provide them with a powerful and practical tool for themselves and the people they serve.

Qualifications to participate:

Participants in the study must be training and development professionals who have been in their roles for a minimum of 1 year. In addition, participants must agree to complete all three steps of the process, as detailed below.

What we ask participants to do:

We understand how precious your time is, so we’ve designed the study to require as little of your time as necessary — and make the time you volunteer a powerful and valuable experience for you and your organization. We ask you to volunteer a total of 60-80 minutes of your time, spread over three simple and enjoyable steps:

Step 1:  Complete a short ChangeWorks® Profile

For this study, we have prepared a customized activity list, focused on 12 key issues faced by training and development professionals. Participants are asked to consider each activity, then rate the levels of Size, Ability, Challenge and Importance they associate with each. This step is conducted online and takes just 10-15 minutes. Your individual responses are completely confidential.

Step 2:  Participate in a private debriefing of your results

Your ChangeGrid® will be debriefed with you privately by one of the developers of the ChangeWorks® System. During the reading, you’ll gain personal insight into each of the 12 issues and see how well you are responding to each of them. This step lasts 45-60 minutes and is conducted via telephone.

Step 3:  Provide us with your feedback

Immediately following your private reading, a research assistant will ask you a short series of questions about your ChangeGrid® debrief.  This step takes 5 minutes.

What participants receive:

In addition to the private debriefing of your ChangeGrid, you will also be provided with periodic written and webinar reports on the study. This allows you to compare yourself to the entire population of research participants.



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