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We offer a wide-variety of complimentary learning assets and opportunities for all visitors interested in Tension Management® and how it applies throughout all aspects of their personal and professional lives.  Feel free to explore — and please encourage your colleagues to do likewise.

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The Nature of Change

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The Business of Helping — What “business” are you REALLY in? Your answer to that simple question reveals the “frame” you’ve placed around the work you do and the value it brings to you and those you serve.

Dabbling in the Four Disciplines — Are you Dabbling in the Four Disciplines? Our industry offers four different professional roles to choose from — and making the right choice is crucial to your success.

Meet the 7 Strugglers — Over the course of the past 30 years, we’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of talented coaches, trainers and consultants struggle in their attempts to build profitable professional practices — and many of them fail. Which of the 7 Strugglers do you relate to?

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The Business of Change. COMING SOON

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Basic Business Viability Study for Independent Human Development Professionals — Based on more than 10 years of foundational research and two prior studies, the BBVS explores the top 25 mission-critical activities independent professionals perform in building strong and thriving practices as trainers, coaches and consultants. By participating in the study, you’ll learn about your  strengths and weaknesses, sources of stress and untapped potential.

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