In the Interest of Transparency


We’re often asked, “Why do you give away so much for FREE?” or “How does IPT make  money?” So, in the interest of transparency, here are the answers to the questions we’ve most often been asked:

How does IPT make money?

IPT makes money in 4 ways:

1) We offer LIFETIME memberships in the ChangeWorks® Community of Tension Management® Practitioners for a “ONE-time for a LIFETIME” fee of $99. There is no limit to the number of members allowed in the ChangeWorks® Community.

2) Our ultimate goal is to establish a solid team of 1,200 Licensed Professionals worldwide. In their initial year, every Licensed Professional completes coursework for which they pay a Tuition fee.  Beyond the initial year, each Licensed Professional renews their license, for which they pay a monthly fee. The team is broken down into three groups:

Practitioners —Professionals who use the ChangeGrid® exclusively with individual clients.
Year One Tuition: $2,500 — Years 2+: $99 Monthly Fee — Limit of 600 licensees worldwide

Master Practitioners — Professionals who also use the ChangeGrid® with group clients.
Year One Tuition: $5,000 — Years 2+: $250 Monthly Fee — Limit of 300 licensees worldwide

Trainers — Professionals who also teach the ChangeWorks®, MasterStream® or Pride-Based Leadership® program.
Year One Tuition: $10,000 — Years 2+: $500 Monthly Fee — Limit of 300 licensees worldwide

3) We offer a series of monthly “For Community Builders ONLY” programs. Each program is FREE for any member who refers just ONE new member to the ChangeWorks® Community that month. We do post a list price of $295 for each program, but our standard practice is to encourage anyone who wants to PAY for the program to give the gift of a ChangeWorks® Community membership to one of their colleagues or clients instead.  If the member simply insists on paying the program fee (which has NEVER happened), then IPT grants memberships to 3 individuals who would otherwise not be in the position to join our community.

4) While it is NOT our primary focus, we do occasionally accept a project with an organizational client.

Why does IPT give away so much for FREE?

Our statistics gathered over the past 5 years show that one out of every six professionals who learn about Tension Management® and experience the ChangeGrid® for themselves ultimately choose to become licensed. Obviously, we want to make it as easy as possible for professionals to explore what IPT is all about.

While other companies choose to spend their business development dollars on advertising, trade shows and sponsorships, we prefer to use our resources to build and support a community FROM WHICH our Licensed Professionals will naturally arise — so we created the ChangeWorks® Community of Tension Management® Practitioners.

What’s most important to us it that every coach, trainer and consultant feels absolutely welcomed, respected and comfortable as a member of our community.  We WANT to teach them about Tension Management® so we give them free training programs. We WANT them to use the ChangeGrid® so we give them free lifetime access to the “My ChangeGrid®” system.  We WANT them to be successful in their practices so we give them free weekly business development webinars. WHEN and IF someone chooses to become a Licensed Professional is our “icing on the cake.”

Why doesn’t IPT “sell” more aggressively?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of professional coaches, trainers and consultants worldwide … and we’re only looking for 1,200 — so we think it’s best to let them reveal themselves.  We’re looking for a relative handful of professionals who truly get what Tension Management® is all about. Who see how powerful and practical a tool it can be. Who feel a natural resonance with the ChangeGrid® and what it reflects. Who have a real place in their practices for providing performance coaching, needs assessment, and training services to their clients.  That’s simply not everyone — and we’re OK with that.

Bottom line … if we have to convince someone to GET involved, we’ll probably have to convince them to STAY involved — and that’s not how we want to spend our time nor interact with people.

So why isn’t membership free too?

We believe that people don’t value something they didn’t pay for — so we chose $99 as our “ONE-time for a LIFETIME” membership fee.


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