Training for Individuals

Mastering Personal Change

A Course in Basic Tension Management® for EVERYONE!

How well is change working for you?

Are you …

• Struggling to manage the changes happening in your life?
• Eager to reach your goals faster and more easily?
• Bored with things as they are and feeling stuck?
• Exhilarated one moment and exhausted the next?
• Overwhelmed with things to do — but not making progress?
• Feeling like your to-DO list never gets to-DONE?

You’re not alone!

Every day, people from coast-to-coast and around the world struggle to make the changes they want and need to make in all areas of their lives — and their problem isn’t what they think it is.

They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in making change work — the crucial ingredient that determines what changes they will make and when those changes will occur.

They don’t know what it is — and even if they did they wouldn’t know what to do about it.

We do — and in less time than it takes to watch a movie, you can learn how to master change in your personal life.

Information so valuable we want EVERYONE to know!

Course Description —

“Mastering Personal Change” explores the impact that tension management has on your personal performance, progress and productivity — and offers an approach for easily, effectively and efficiently managing change in your life.

During this program you will experience the ChangeGrid™ — a practical change management tool which reveals how well you are coping with specific changes in your personal and professional life. The ChangeGrid™ reveals how the changes are affecting your emotions, reasoning abilities, decision making abilities and overall level of productivity — and provides guidance on how to optimize your results.

Benefits —

Take this course if you want to:

• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Reduce confusion and uncertainty
• Stop wasting precious time and energy
• Take greater advantage of opportunities
• Eliminate hesitation, complacency and ambivalence
• Get rid of the feeling that you’re going nowhere fast
• Increase understanding of the change process
• Boost understanding of yourself and your behavior
• Improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues
• Become more influential in your personal & professional relationships
• Enhance your communication skills
• Increase your overall productivity
• Reduce conflict and increase cooperation
• Achieve more of the results you want — and do it in far less time!

Who Should Attend —

This course is right for EVERYONE — and that’s no exaggeration. Regardless of your age, educational level, employment situation, lifestyle or family commitments, “Mastering Personal Change” was designed for YOU! In fact, you can’t begin too soon — children, teenagers and young adults can all benefit from taking hold of the reins of change. Everything you learn applies in all other areas of your life — relationships, parenting, managing, selling, leading and living!

Deliverables —

After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

• Complete & interpret your Personal ChangeGrid™ assessment
• Predict how you will respond to any existing, proposed or imminent change in their lives
• Make better decisions regarding options and alternatives
• Enhance success at task selection
• Identify areas where you need additional training and development
• Increase quality in communication, particularly regarding difficult changes
• Become more alert as to how you are dealing with change
• Provide better guidance to others when struggling with change
• Determine when you are truly in stress and when it’s something else
• Recognize when you are in a state of apathy and boost your productivity before it is too late
• Provide more appropriate feedback based on the needs of the employee
• Accurately pinpoint areas for improvement of coping skills
• View change in a way that is non-threatening and compelling
• Manage your reactions to change
• Model the effect of a change under consideration
• Expose the myths of change so you are a victim no longer

What you’ll learn —

Lesson 1 — “The Nature of Change”

Are humans, by nature, resistant to change? In this video lesson, we introduce the basic concepts and guiding principles of Tension Management. Through it, you will develop a deeper understanding of the natural relationship between humans and change … and discover the real source of our apparent resistance:

Lesson 2 — “Understanding Productive Tension”

This lesson explores the power of productive tension more deeply by immersing you in the “Four Dimensional Thinking” process central to the ChangeGrid. We also introduce you to the 5 levels of productive tension and explore how each serves you — and interferes with you — in managing change.

Lesson 3 — “Exploring Your Personal Tension”

In this lesson you will take a detailed inventory of your current situation and follow the directions for building your personal activity list and completing your Personal ChangeWorks® Profile using the online system. Through it, you will gain powerful and practical insights into your level of productive tension — and how it impacts the outcomes you seek.

Lesson 4 — “Managing Your Personal Tension”

This lesson will teach you how to interpret your Personal ChangeWorks Profile you created in the previous lesson and understand what your current location on the ChangeGrid means. You will also determine the most desirable location on the ChangeGrid for each activity and learn how to move yourself on the ChangeGrid to achieve maximum possible benefit.

What you get —

• Four 90-minute recorded webinars
• A private account on ChangeWorks® System Online
• Program Workbook and Quick Reference Guides

Program Fee —

The fee for this program is $595 or FREE for ALL MEMBERS of the ChangeWorks® Community.

Program Registration —

To begin your class in “Mastering Personal Change” — CLICK HERE — or, if you have any questions, please call Linda Napier at 704-996-4590.