Research Projects & Results

Our quest for deeper understanding.

Three Decades of Discovery

A search to understand and predict human behavior

As the pioneer in the field of Tension Management®, IPT bases all of our work on nearly three decades of research.

The study of Productive Tension and Tension Management began in 1984 by our founder, T. Falcon Napier. His research produced the ChangeGrid®, the first-ever visual tool to help ensure change works.

The ChangeGrid® —

  • Reveals the level of productive tension an individual or group is experiencing about a given situation.
  • Predicts the likelihood they will take action to resolve it WITHOUT additional outside support or guidance.
  • Pinpoints the ideal level of tension associated with specific behaviors.
  • Is the basis for ChangeWorks®, the program that outlines how to accurately predict and improve the results of all human behavior.

Research Supporting our Methods —

  • The Merging of Brilliance
    Reveals how the ChangeGrid encompasses and unifies over 400 human behavior models into one holistic approach.
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  • ChangeWorks® Reliability and Heuristic Study (Please feel free to request a copy.)
    Validates the accuracy of ChangeGrid® — a non-traditional coaching and management tool designed to explore individual and group performance and productivity through a highly client-driven, activity-specific approach.
  • MasterStream® Case Study Review (Please feel free to request a copy.)
    Verifies that the MasterStream method for sales executives and their teams is PROVEN to:

    • Produce Quantifiable Results.
    • Reduce Presentation Time & Increase Closing Rates.
    • Be Logical, Practical and Comfortable for both the sales person and client.

Current Research Projects —

Currently, the Institute for Productive Tension is conducting two research projects:

The Basic Business Viability Study of Independent Human Development Professionals (BBVS) — Based on more than 10 years of foundational research and two prior studies, the BBVS explores the top 25 mission-critical activities independent professionals perform in building strong and thriving practices as trainers, coaches and consultants. The study reveals their strengths and weaknesses, sources of stress and untapped potential. LEARN MORE.

The ChangeWorks® Needs Assessment Application Study (NAAS) — The ChangeGrid® is a non-traditional diagnostic tool designed for use by professional trainers, coaches and consultants. It enables the professionals to explore individual and group readiness and engagement at the activity-specific level — and describes the current situation in a targeted population, predicts their future behavior and prescribes appropriate actions for optimizing their results. The study focuses on the application of the ChangeGrid® as a tool for performing needs assessments for both individuals and groups. LEARN MORE.