Training for Professionals

Certified MasterStream® Trainer


The MasterStream® Method
Tension-Based Selling Techniques

Certification Program Briefing

Overview —

Every day, sales representatives in every industry all around the world lose business they could have closed … and their problem isn’t what they think it is. They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in selling … the crucial ingredient that determines what their prospects will buy … and when they’ll take action. They don’t know what it is … and even if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do about it.

MasterStream® explains it all.

The MasterStream® Method certification program presents the key concepts of Tension Management® and provides the participating trainers with numerous insights, tools and techniques for more powerfully influencing others for them to share with their students.

Audience —

This program is intended for trainers of novice to veteran sales professionals, particularly those migrating from a “relationship-oriented” to “issue-driven, value-focused” sales approach.

Deliverables —

As a result of completing this program, trainers will be able to help their students:

• Understand the key role that productive tension plays in a sales situation.
• Identify the level of productive tension a prospect is experiencing.
• Manage a prospect’s level of productive tension.
• Profile their prospect bases using productive tension as the key element.
• Create and deliver a strong opening statement that targets a prospect’s source of tension.
• Formulate and pose a line of questioning that stimulates productive tension while revealing important information.
• Develop and streamline a solutions presentation that optimizes productive tension.
• Secure an objection-free commitment.
• Protect the business they have built from deal-stealers.

Program Outline —

The program includes a balance of lecture and exercises and gives each of the trainers ample opportunity to practice the skills and demonstrate their readiness to train the material.

DAY 1 — 9AM to 5PM

The Nature of Change — This section introduces trainers to the fundamental principles of the MasterStream Method.

The MasterStream® Strategic Framework — This section presents our visual model for monitoring and maintaining the ideal conditions for a successful sale.

The MasterStream® Approach — This section explores all of the ways in which MasterStream’s fundamental principles apply and impact each of the 5 standard phases of the sales approach. For each Phase, we will cover:

• Goals
• Strategy
• General Guidelines
• Common Errors.

DAY 2 — 9AM to 5PM

Introduction to the MasterStream® Protocol — This section introduces participants to the step-by-step process which ensures the highest probability of a successful sale — and focuses on mission-critical skills for each phase of the approach:

Phase 1: Connecting — How to develop a strong opening statement.

Phase 2: Analyzing — Questioning techniques that not only secure important information from the prospect, but increase their sense of urgency in the process.

Phase 3: Solving — Presentation skills which maintain a prospect’s level of interest and compels them to take action.

Phase 4: Committing — An effective way to summarize the discussion and help prospects close themselves.

Phase 5: Relieving — How to safeguard the sale.

DAY 3 — 9AM to 5PM

Application of the MasterStream® Method — This section provides trainers with specific diagnostic tools, exercises, drills, rehearsals and role plays that they can use with their students in a variety of sales situations, including:

• Telephone Calls
• Face-to-Face Meetings
• Selling to a Group
• Written Communication
• Objection Handling
• Referral Gathering

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