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We’re so glad you’ve chosen to participate in the Comprehensive Adjective Map enrichment training program!

While your CORE training — Mastering Personal Change, ChangeWorks® Essentials and ChangeWorks® Advanced — has given you everything you need to effectively use the ChangeGrid® with your clients, there is certainly a LOT more to learn! “The Comprehensive Adjective Map” is an ENRICHMENT program, designed to dramatically expand your expertise as a ChangeWorks® Professional far beyond the basics, provide you with new insights to share with your clients and boost your confidence in interpreting ChangeGrids®. As an enrichment program, this course is NOT a mandatory part of your professional education but we encourage ALL licensed ChangeWorks® Professionals to attend.


The course is 6 hours.

Session 1:

Today, we being our in-depth exploration of the Comprehensive Adjective Map.

Recording Link: – See more at:

Program Handout: Adjective Map Download

Program Handout: Adjective Map Darkside Download

Session 2:

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Session 3:

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Session 4:

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Session 5:

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Session 6:

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Program Fee —

The fee for this program is FREE for ALL LICENSED ChangeWorks® Professionals.