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Regina Erhart Fasold, MBA, Psychologist, PCC
Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer

President and CEO of Fasold Global Consulting

Regina is a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Expert. Her extensive professional background and her 10-year experience as a Global Executive Coach have allowed her to assist over 200 senior executives in corporations throughout the United States and in over 25 countries around the world.

Location: Orlando, Florida | Phone: 321-246-7066| Website »

David C. Miller, MS, PCC
Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer

Founder and CEO of Business Growth Strategies.

Dave is an internationally-recognized human development expert specializing in sales, leadership and change management. With over 20 years of business experience, working in corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial environments, Dave helps consultants, coaches, business owners and sales professionals attract more prospects, convert more clients, obtain larger engagements and generate higher revenues.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Phone: 215-968-2483 | Website »

n666773676_1909Dr. Ajai Singh, ACC
Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer

CEO of Organization Transformation International, India and Master Leadership Coach at Shamrock Training Consultants

Dr. Ajai Singh has facilitation and training experience in the military, government and multinational corporations in industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial, IT, specialty chemicals, fast moving consumer products, retail and telecom. Dr. Singh’s specific areas of expertise include organizational development, leadership development, and team building. He has coached and trained across 27 countries and counting. His vast understanding of a multitude of assessments and development models adds insights to clients that they have never experienced before.

Location: India | Phone: +91-9768012200 | Website »

David Chinsky JPEGDavid Chinsky, MBA, DrPH, PCC
Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer

Founder and CEO of the Institute for Leadership Fitness

Dr. Chinsky is the Founder of the Institute for Leadership Fitness, author of The Fit Leader’s Companion, and creator of the Fit Leader’s Program™ and Fit Leaders Academy.
The foundation for his work arose from the insights he gained during his own executive experience that cuts across all aspects of organizational life: from product development to customer service; from operations to human resources. For over a quarter century he played a key role in the inner workings at companies that include Trinity Health, Ford Motor Company, Nestle and Thomson Reuters.
Working side by side with senior leaders, Dr. Chinsky moves them toward their highest level of professional effectiveness and leadership fitness. David has delivered professional coaching and leadership development workshops to over 250 organizations and has coached over 1,000 business leaders.

David enjoys living in both Michigan and Arizona with his wife, who is an artist.

Location: Michigan/Arizona | Phone: (866) 960-5323 | Website »

Tom Rosenak JPEGTom Rosenak
ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner

CEO, DiamondMind Enterprises, LLC.

Tom Rosenak is a senior consultant with over twenty-five years’ experience in management communication including sales, sales training, presentation skills training, negotiation skills training as well as executive coaching. He works with clients to expand business performance results through relationship, influence and communication strategies.

In addition to his work in the enterprise arena as a Leadership communication specialist, Tom also works with independent human development professionals to master the business of change and attract all the customers they desire and deserve.

Location: Chicago Illinois | Phone: (847) 530-3471 | Website »

Bryan DiltsBryan Dilts, CPC
ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner

President of AGI-Dilts & Associates, Business Liberation Strategist

Bryan gives companies an unfair advantage.  He started out doing that as recruiter, high-grading (stealing) neglected top performers. He still does. From there it was natural to start training and coaching in sales, recruiting, and business liberation.  Business liberation is achieved by permanently implementing the sales, process, personnel, and personal changes that bring real profit growth, and a fulfilling life for leaders.

Location:  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | Phone: 717-975-9001 |Website »

Jayne Garrett, PCC
Certified ChangeWorks Master Practitioner

Human Development Expert

Jayne is a catalyst for individual and organizational growth. As an Executive Coach and Facilitator for over 20 years, Jayne has worked internationally in 19 industries in the business and non-profit arenas. A published author, Jayne’s style ignites awareness and learning, resulting in improved performance and professional growth. With a focus on building effective communication, Jayne continues to impact business cultures and inspire employees to maximize their contribution for success.

Location:  San Antonio, Texas | Phone: 210-490-6106 | Website »

T. Waldmann-Williams, Ph.D.
Certified ChangeWorks® Practitioner

President / Founder TWW Consulting LLC

TWW Consulting works with organizational and board leaders and individuals to optimize and implement their strategic focus and change, and achieve and maintain productivity.  TWW Consulting facilitates the integration and alignment of people, process, and tools with the mission, vision, values, and strategy to create a sustainable and agile organization.  The foundation of our work is executive coaching, change, strategic thinking, inquiry, leadership and team development, productive tension management, and performance excellence criteria, tools, and techniques.  T. is writer and an international keynote speaker and workshop presenter.  For over 26 years she worked in multiple functions and organizations in AT&T; started her business in 1998; and is an adjunct professor.  Clients include associations, communities, and education, government, industry, not-for-profits, and faith-base organizations.  Is your organization optimizing its strategic focus?

Location: Knoxville, Iowa | Phone: 641-828-6407 | Website »

Founder & Chief Results Officer, turningpoints2results & BOSI DNA Advisor
Wayne Buckhanan, Ph.D.
Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer

Human Technologist, Mercs LLC

Wayne is a unique talent — a geek that likes people and teaching.

Training complex skills in a people-centered way is a strength and passion of his. Alongside being a Computer Science professor and a Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer, he is a licensed Trainer of Neuro-Semantics (NS) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Dr. Buckhanan serves as a resource for not only his fellow higher-ed faculty, but also small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Wayne’s clientele find his ability to merge the human side of business with modern technology an invaluable resource — whether he is delivering trainings online or on-site, as part of a consultative coaching session, or while developing human-centered business technology solutions.

Location: Napa Valley, CA | Phone: 269-605-4408 | Website »