Training for Professionals

Licensed ChangeWorks® Professional Designations

Overview —

ChangeWorks® Professionals are a very rare and elite group of individuals, trained to do something that no computer can do — extract and interpret the vast amount of information a ChangeGrid® reveals. The training is intensive, the support is extensive and the opportunity is exclusive. In fact, we allow ONLY 1000 licensed independent professionals to offer ChangeWorks® programs and services to their clients worldwide.

This is NOT a franchise or a turnkey business opportunity. We simply train, license and support independent professionals in the use of our intellectual property and related tools. ChangeWorks® Professionals market and provide services centered around the ChangeGrid®, including: design, administration, compilation and interpretation of individual, group and research/marketing ChangeWorks® profiles using our proprietary online system.

“Change is the central activity of the human experience. It is the heart of every
relationship and the purpose of every job.” – T. Falcon Napier

No one understands this more than professionals working in the field of human development as independent coaches, trainers and consultants. As different as their practices may be, all of their clients have at least one thing in common — they want something to change — and it is incumbent upon the professional to understand and support their clients in manifesting those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ChangeWorks® is a comprehensive system for streamlining the change process at both the individual and organizational levels. Central to the ChangeWorks® System is the ChangeGrid® — the world’s only client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool.

Unlike traditional psychometric tools, such as personality tests and values profiles, the ChangeGrid® isn’t about WHO a person is, but rather HOW they are responding to the specific situations they face in the moment. The ChangeGrid® is descriptive, predictive and prescriptive — designed to answer four powerful questions about each of those situations:

1) How READY are they to handle their situation?
2) How ENGAGED are they in performing the tasks that lay before them?
3) How likely they are to follow through and actually DO what needs to be done?
4) What type and level of support do they need to get them on track and KEEP THEM on track?

Equipped with these answers, ChangeWorks® Professionals help their clients reach clarity faster than any known method, stimulate deeper, more powerful conversations, dramatically accelerate the change process and achieve more of the outcomes their clients want most.

How do ChangeWorks® Professionals make money? —

There are many ways that ChangeWorks® Professionals use the ChangeGrid® in building their practices:

  • As a research tool, the ChangeGrid® helps you conduct formal and informal studies, resulting in a better understanding of the populations you’re pursuing and the best ways to position yourself for success.
  • As part of your marketing approach, the ChangeGrid® serves as an interactive way to engage prospects in a personal exploration of their situation that stimulates them to reach out to you.
  • As a selling tool, with the benefit of seeing a prospective client’s ChangeGrid® in advance of meeting with them, it’s easier for you to pinpoint their issues of greatest importance and urgency — and secure them as your client.
  • As a needs assessment, the ChangeGrid® reveals the full range of challenges your client faces as well as the growth opportunities they may be missing — clearly identifying their strengths, their areas for improvement and the barriers that interfere with their full engagement.
  • As the foundation for your client work, the ChangeGrid® serves as a tool of conversation in both coaching and consulting relationships — a mirror that reflects the client’s situation in a new and powerful light, allowing them to explore possibilities and compare options.
  • As a profit center, individual, group and 360° ChangeWorks® profiles routinely sell for hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars — and every ChangeGrid® leads to even more business.
  • As a natural follow-up to psychometric experiences, the ChangeGrid® predicts the likelihood of behavioral change and prescribes a strategy to support the individual in manifesting the changes recommended by the psychometric tool.
  • As a perpetuation engine, the ChangeGrid® allows the professional to foster longer, mutually-beneficial business relationships by revealing additional work that needs to be completed — and solid reasons why the relationship needs to continue.
  • As a team building experience, the ChangeGrid® allows team members to better understand one another, resolve interpersonal conflicts and effectively assign tasks to the most appropriate individuals.
  • As a way of supporting ROI, the ChangeGrid® provides a unique way to track progress, measure results and prove value.
  • As a way of providing service to the industry, the ChangeGrid® enables you to position yourself as a specialist for hire as a sub-contractor, filling in numerous gaps in other professionals’ offerings.
  • As cutting-edge subject matter, once qualified, you can also offer your clients ChangeWorks® speaking engagements, training programs and corporate licensing agreements — and even build a strong passive residual income stream.
  • Even without using the ChangeGrid® itself, your knowledge of Tension Management® will improve your ability to communicate with and powerfully influence others.

How to Become a ChangeWorks® Professional —

Becoming a ChangeWorks® Professional is easy — and structured to provide you with maximum flexibility in the discovery and learning process. Simply start by completing the Mastering Personal Change training program and then progress through the formal professional curriculum until you reach the level of training most appropriate for your practice:

Practitioner: Professionals working exclusively with individuals.
Master Practitioner: Professionals working with individuals, couples, groups, and/or conducting research.
Trainer: Professionals who wish to be Certified in ChangeWorks® and teach the ChangeWorks® program.

Post-Graduation ChangeWorks® Ongoing Education & Support Services —

Every week, ChangeWorks® Professionals are invited to participate in a variety of educational opportunities designed to deepen their understand, improve their skills, and enhance their effectiveness in using the ChangeWorks® System. These webinars are packed with creative integrations, best practices, marketing ideas, interesting ChangeGrids®, advanced concepts and practical applications of ChangeWorks®.