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The ChangeWorks® Community of Tension Management® Practitioners


What is the ChangeWorks® Community?

Without question, at the core of IPT’s raison d’être is our team of human development professionals. Empowering, training and supporting independent and corporate-based coaches, trainers and consultants has been our focus for more than a decade now, and we’re dedicated to continuing that mission for many years to come.

Building the ChangeWorks® Community is central to fulfilling that mission.

But our mission isn’t complete until every interested individual also has an opportunity to learn about Tension Management® and successfully self-apply it’s insights, tools and techniques throughout their personal lives — with or without the guidance of a human development professional.

With that in mind, EVERYONE is welcome to join our Community. We have two types of members: Guides and Explorers.

Guides are human development professionals who apply the principles of Tension Management® and/or use the ChangeGrid® with their clients.

Explorers are individuals who enjoy learning about Tension Management® and how it applies in their personal lives and/or use the ChangeGrid® as a personal development tool.

To that end, we encourage our professional members to invite their clients, friends and family to join the ChangeWorks® Community as well.

How do the memberships differ?

They don’t.  Both personal members and professional members — “Explorers” and “Guides” — are entitled to the full set of Member Benefits.

Some features may be more appealing to one group or the other, but everyone is welcome to everything the ChangeWorks® Community has to offer.

What exactly does the membership include?

Over $6,000 in free training, lifetime access to the online “My ChangeGrid®” system, support and ongoing education. Look at everything our ChangeWorks® Community members receive on the detailed  Member Benefits page.

What does a membership cost?

LIFETIME membership in the ChangeWorks® Community is just $99 — a “One-time for a Lifetime” fee for which ALL members receive a wide range of valuable programs and services they are free to tap into as often as they wish, for as long as they wish.

Why do we give SO MUCH for SO LITTLE?

We get asked this all the time — and you’ll find the answer on the “In the Interest of Transparency” page.

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