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Practical Applications of Tension Management®


Programs to Harness Productive Tension

Tension Management® for optimal lives and careers

Tension Management is the basis for our educational programs, professional tools and online services that give anyone the ability to quickly measure, monitor and manage tension to produce the results they want. These include:

  • Basics of Tension Management® – Information so valuable, we want everyone to have it.
    Tension Management applies to all aspects of our daily lives. With our 3-part video series “Mastering Change”, you will immediately understand how and why you respond to events in your life – and start creating more of the life you desire!
  • The ChangeWorks® SystemThe world’s only visual system for enhancing performance.
    The ChangeGrid™ is a visually engaging tool for quickly moving people along the path to change. Once they truly understand what drives their behavior, people gain control over the decisions they make and the actions they take to achieve the results they desire most.
  • The MasterStream® MethodThe Shortest Path to Faster Sales
    Watch even your most veteran sales performers sell more and sell faster with this breakthrough method for gaining buyer commitment. MasterStream fosters a selling process that is so natural, your people will actually do it!