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“MasterStream® Essentials”


Program Briefing

Every day, Human Development Professionals of every variety all around the world lose clients they should have sold… and their problem isn’t what they think it is. They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in selling… the crucial ingredient that determines what their prospects will buy, and when they’ll take action. They don’t know what it is… and even if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do about it. We do — and for the past 25 years, we’ve been training sales and non-sales professionals alike how to harness prospect productivity through our proprietary method … MasterStream®.

“Are you struggling to build the kind of business you want most?”

If your answer is “YES!” — You’re not alone!dreamstime_10494846

Over the course of the past 30 years, we’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of talented coaches, trainers and consultants struggle in their attempts to build a solid professional practice — often, sadly, lose their business altogether — and it’s gotten particularly bad in the past few years.

Through it all, we’ve identified 31 specific attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that can easily undermine your personal sales success — and we’ve developed MasterStream® Essentials to resolve them all.

If you’re tired of the struggle …
If you want to convert more of your prospects into clients …
If you want to close more business in less time …
MasterStream® is designed for you!

Why MasterStream®?

MasterStream® is the only program of it’s kind. Rather than focusing on traditional sales techniques — like trial closes, tie-downs, question funnels, objection handlers and other aggressive and manipulative techniques — MasterStream® takes an entirely different approach.

Consistently described as the most logical, practical, & comfortable approach available anywhere, the MasterStream® Method has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals from coast-to-coast and around the globe close a lot more business in a lot less time.

Regardless of the approach you’re currently using —
regardless of the results you’re currently getting —
MasterStream® will immediately improve your sales performance.

Why Learn from T. Falcon Napier?

For over 30 years, T. Falcon Napier has been a thought leader in the sales, leadership and change management fields. He is the creator of the MasterStream® Method — a natural, non-manipulative approach for influencing others. He is also the developer of the ChangeWorks® System — the world’s only client-driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool.

With more than 25,000 hours of experience as a professional sales trainer, Mr. Napier’s programs have been presented in every state in the nation, every province of Canada, 22 countries around the globe and on 5 of the 7 seas. His client list includes over 300 companies representing virtually every industry, including: Sony, Bosch, Detroit Edison, IBM, General Motors, State Farm, BellSouth and over 250 programs for American Express alone.

In addition, Mr. Napier has certified and supported hundreds of human development professionals who teach his programs and apply his techniques with their clients. He has built a community of over 500 such professionals trained in the ChangeWorks® System and the MasterStream® Method — and currently has over 100 human development professionals as his coaching clients.

The MasterStream® Essentials Program

MasterStream® Essentials is presented over series of four, 90-minute, LIVE intensive webinars. The program is packed with insights, tools and techniques for closing more of the business you’re losing today, and explores six key topics central to sales success:

Topic 1 – The Business of Helping
Topic 2 – The Nature of Change
Topic 3 – Basics of Tension Management®
Topic 4 – The MasterStream® Sales Conversation
Topic 5 – Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Topic 6 – Tension Analysis of your Sales Collateral

“The MasterStream® Strategic Framework”

Illustrates the ideal flow of productive tension during the sales process

What will MasterStream® Essentials enable you to do?

• Discover why more than 40% of QUALIFIED prospects fail to purchase — and how YOU may be the cause!
• Understand the key role that “productive tension” plays in every sales situation.
• Profile your client base, prospect base and lead sources using productive tension as the key qualifier.
• Identify the level of “productive tension” each of your prospects is experiencing.
• Monitor and manage a prospect’s level of productive tension throughout the sales process.
• Create and deliver a strong opening statement that resonates with a prospect’s true source of tension.
• Formulate and pose a line of questions that stimulate productive tension while revealing vital information.
• Develop and deliver a focused, streamlined solutions presentation that maintains productive tension.
• Secure an objection-free commitment.
• Protect the sale from post-meeting deal-breakers.
• Reduce the sales cycle to the shortest possible timeframe.
• Increase your closing rate.
• Eliminate the key sources of frustration that prevent you from building your business and enjoying your career.
• Identify the tension management flaws in your marketing materials, website and sales presentation.
• Gather more qualified referrals from the existing client base.

What’s Included in MasterStream® Essentials?

The MasterStream® Essentials program includes:

• Four, 90-minute, webinars with the creator of the MasterStream® Method
• Pre- and post- ChangeWorks Sales Skills Assessments exploring 25 mission-critical activities using our proprietary ChangeGrid® tool.
• Downloadable Workbook & Application Guide
• Unlimited LIFETIME repeats of the MasterStream® Essentials program

What is the pre-requisite for MasterStream® Essentials?

All participants in MasterStream® Essentials must complete the Mastering Personal Change course prior to enrolling.

When is MasterStream® Essentials held?

Immediately! The MasterStream® Essentials program is available online

How much does MasterStream® Essentials cost?

$595 for the general public
$249 for members of the ChangeWorks® Community
FREE for out ChangeWorks® Level 2 & 3 Professionals
FREE for our ChangeWorks® Community Builder

To register for MasterStream® Essentials, please call 704-987-6500

What do our Graduates have to say?

“Without a doubt, I credit my sales success to T. Falcon Napier! I am his biggest fan in appreciation for the impact he has singlehandedly had in growing my business. I have followed precisely the tools and procedures he developed and taught through his MasterStream:Essentials program. My coaching and training practice has increased significantly by implementing many of his techniques and quickly became second nature when speaking with potential clients. He just made it so easy to “get” and just as easy to remember to follow through! My schedule is now filling up consistently and it is a joy to not only witness the impact my work has with clients, but that I am able to sustain myself by doing the work I love!” – Ellen Nastir, M.Ed., CPCC


“Spectacular! I haven’t seen my bottom line climb so rapidly in any of the 15 years I’ve spent as a coach. The wisdom, insights and techniques taught in MasterStream are a must for ANYONE who has to sell ANYTHING.” – Tara Lee Fite, Business Development Specialist


“Without a doubt the most useful training program I have ever attended. Mr. Napier has taken a unique approach and combined it with a comfortable process to create a system that takes all the guesswork out of selling. I’m securing so many new clients that I’m actually having to turn prospects away!” – Paul Tarven, Executive Organizational Coach


“Looking back at the years of training I have had I wished I had been introduced to MasterStream earlier… I could have saved myself years of time, energy and money, searching for the missing link… however, everything happens for a reason so I am simply grateful that I finally found the foundation on top of which I am going to build my corporate coaching/consulting business.” – Regina Erhart-Fasold, International Executive Career Coach

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