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Sometimes an assessment tool is so unique, so revolutionary, and so game changing, it can only be called a breakthrough.

  • ChangeWorks picks up where all other assessment tools leave off. Instead of replacing your existing tools (personality types, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Birkman, Human Design, etc), it helps you take those to the next level.
  • Most assessments describe what is. ChangeWorks helps you address the more important question by answering “What’s next?”
  • The ChangeWorks method reinforces your position as the most insightful, effective and valuable professional your client will ever find. It provides rapid clarity to help your clients make change work.

Making Change Work

Your clients operate based on their perception of reality, not true reality. As a human development professional, you must know their perception in order to coach them or help them change.

ChangeWorks is the next evolution of our understanding of humanity. It is descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive because it incorporates over 400 models of human behavior into one graphical form.
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That’s why the ChangeGrid sets into action months of potential work with your clients, AND the ability to track their improvement. It helps you accurately quantify the benefit you bring to any organization or individual.

A Day of Learning. A Lifetime of Benefits.

The ChangeGrid can be quickly comprehended by most anyone, yet exploring its full depth and impact can engage one’s interest for a lifetime.

We invite you to explore in more detail the meaning of the ChangeGrid and its numerous applications to your work as a human development professional.

How ChangeWorks is used:

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An elite group of human development professionals around the globe offer ChangeWorks to create longer-term, deeper client relationships.

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