Training for Professionals

ChangeWorks® Level 3 Professional — Trainer


The ChangeWorks® Professional Level 3 Development Plan —

After finishing the ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Development Plan, you may choose to become qualified to market, customize and deliver ChangeWorks training programs for your clients as a Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer. In order to guarantee the level of support we believe our professional deserve, there is a limit of 100 Level 3 ChangeWorks Professionals permitted worldwide.

Certified ChangeWorks® Master Practitioners who wish to offer ChangeWorks® training programs to their clients complete a series of three 90-minute  webinars covering program marketing, design and delivery of a variety of ChangeWorks® programs ranging from a 30-minute keynote to a 3-day workshop. In addition, they participate in a series of four 1-hour private training sessions with T. Falcon Napier.


ChangeWorks® Trainer Application Process —

While we invite any interested professional to become licensed as a ChangeWorks® Practitioner or Master Practitioner, we are more selective about those interested in pursuing the ChangeWorks® Trainer designation.

Advancing to the ChangeWorks® Trainer level involves a few simple steps:

Step 1: Complete the Prerequisites:

Prospective candidates are asked to meet two simple prerequisites: 1) complete the training and certification requirements for both ChangeWorks® Practitioners and Master Practitioners, and 2) complete a minimum of 10 Individual and 2 Group ChangeWorks® Profiles.

Step 2: Review the ChangeWorks® Professional Key Success Indicators:

Over the course of the past 5 years and over 300 professsionals trained, we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes to succeed as a ChangeWorks® Trainer — and there’s nothing more important to us than the success of our team members. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 Key Success Indicators our top ChangeWorks® Professionals have in common, and encourage prospective candidates to meet a minimum of 10 before applying.

Successful ChangeWorks® Trainers …

• operate full-time, year-round, private practices as trainers, coaches and consultants.
• focus on providing services to organizations and/or key executives within organizations.
• are well positioned to secure large organizational clients.
• have 10 or more years of business and independent professional experience.
• have strong academic and/or industrial credentials.
• count themselves among the brightest and best in the industry.
• are strong in both intellect and intuition — the concrete and the abstract.
• have proven track records of success.
• currently bill at least $100K annually.
• are success-driven and money-motivated.
• have strong existing marketing presences.
• are committed to completing the learning opportunities they begin.

Step 3: Fill out a ChangeWorks® Trainer Candidate Application:

Once you have completed the prerequisites and reviewed the Key Success Indicators, you’re welcome to complete and submit a ChangeWorks® Trainer Candidate Application, providing us with some basic information about yourself, your practice and your goals for the future.

Step 4: Complete a ChangeWorks® Trainer Readiness ChangeGrid®:

After receiving your application, we’ll invite you to complete a specially-designed ChangeWorks® Profile focusing on the ways in which the ChangeGrid® may most naturally fit into your practice.

Step 5: Schedule an interview:

Once we receive your application and your completed ChangeWorks® Trainer Readiness ChangeGrid®, we will set up a convenient time for you to speak personally with T. Falcon Napier. During the interview, he will provide you with an in-depth reading of your Trainer Readiness ChangeGrid® and answer any questions you may have about the ChangeWorks® Trainer designation and how it may be of greatest value to you.

Step 6: Enroll in the ChangeWorks Professional Level 3 Development Plan.

Assuming you decide to continue with the certification process, you’ll complete the enrollment process and schedule your private training sessions.

 For questions or to begin the application process contact Linda: or the person that recommended you to ChangeWorks®.