Training for Professionals

ChangeWorks® Practitioner


The ChangeWorks® Practitioner Development Plan —

After completing Mastering Personal Change — which is the pre-requisite for entering our professional training curriculum — candidates who wish to continue their education enroll in the ChangeWorks® Practitioner Development Plan. There are two parts to the plan: Core Training and Licensing.

“ChangeWorks® Essentials” — CORE Training for ChangeWorks® Practitioners

Candidates participate in a series of four 90-minute “ChangeWorks Essentials” recorded webinars PLUS four 60-minute PRIVATE training sessions. The webinars are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of Tension Management® and the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks® Change Management System. The private training sessions ensure your understanding and your ability to incorporate the material into your practice. Upon completion, you are fully prepared to integrate the principles of Tension Management® into your client work — and to design, administer and interpret Personal and Individual ChangeWorks® Profiles.

“ChangeWorks® Essentials” Course Outline —

Session 1: Defining Activities

The secret to a powerful ChangeWorks® experience is a well-developed list of mission-critical activities. In this session, candidates learn how to craft customized activity lists and put them to immediate use with their actual clients.

Session 2: Understanding Activity-Specific Primary & Secondary Energies

This session focuses on the 16 different “Energies” a client may experience about a given activity — and how to incorporate those insights into a ChangeGrid® reading. You will also be introduced to the Comprehensive Adjective Map and practice using the map to better understand how your client is responding to each of the activities on their ChangeGrid®.

Session 3: Understanding Engagement at the Activity-Specific Level

The “Engagement Rings” layer of the ChangeGrid® helps predict the likelihood that the client will actually follow through and DO what needs to be done.

Session 4: Developing Action Plans

While it’s very valuable to help a client understand their current situation, the change process is dramatically enhanced when a desired situation is explored and defined as well.  Based on the information the ChangeGrid® reveals, your next task is to develop customized action plans for assisting your clients in achieving the results they want most. This week equips you with a comprehensive set of “ChangeGrid® Maneuvers” designed to give your clients the perfect combination of support and guidance to get them on track and keep them on track for reaching their goals

ChangeWorks® Essentials Course Dates —

This course is conducted 1-on-1 with T. Falcon Napier and scheduled at your convenience.

“ChangeWorks® Essentials” Highlights —

The program  includes:

• Four 90-minute ChangeWorks® Essentials recorded webinars
• Four 60-minute PRIVATE training sessions
• Course Workbook and Quick Reference Guides
• Pre- and post-session application assignments
• Access to recordings of all ChangeWorks® Essentials webinars
• Your own ChangeWorks® Profile & Personalized Reading
• Unlimited repeats of the ChangeWorks® Essentials webinars forever

In addition, members of the International Coach Federation who successfully complete “ChangeWorks® Essentials” receive 4 CCEUs for Resource Development.

ChangeWorks® Practitioner Licensing & Support —

Upon completion of the ChangeWorks® Essentials training program, graduates receive a one-year license to use the ChangeWorks® System with their individual clients.  In order to guarantee the level of support we believe our professionals deserve, there is a limit of 600 Licensed ChangeWorks® Practitioners permitted worldwide.

ChangeWorks® Practitioners receive a variety of additional training sessions and support services:

UNLIMITED ChangeWorks® System Access for Individual Profiles —

Create as many Individual ChangeWorks® Profiles as you wish without concerning yourself about a per-instrument fee.  We WANT you to use the ChangeGrid® with every client and every prospective client, frequently and without hesitation.  System tutorials and email support are available if you have any questions about using the online system.

“The ChangeGrid®: Layer-by-Layer” Enrichment Training Series —

Following “ChangeWorks Essentials” candidates review a collection of eight 1-hour webinars examining the ChangeGrid’s 10 major layers of insights and information. These webinars provide ChangeWorks Professionals with a rich depth of knowledge and a broad spectrum of understanding that adds value to the quality of the ChangeGrid interpretations they deliver. (Enrichment programs are encouraged but not mandatory.)

“The Comprehensive Adjective Map” Enrichment Training Series —

This series of four 1-hour webinars introduces you to the Comprehensive Adjective Map — an advanced reference tool for interpreting ChangeGrids®. The program explores the adjective mapping process and provides a thorough examination of unique descriptors found at each coordinate pair. (Enrichment programs are encouraged but not mandatory.)

“The ChangeWorks® Forum” Professional Support Series —

Every week, ChangeWorks® Professionals are invited to participate in the ChangeWorks® Forum. During these 60-minute “drop-in” webinars, members are invited to bring any questions they would like us to answer, any activity lists they would like us to critique and any ChangeGrids® they would like our guidance in reading.  There is never a set agenda on the ChangeWorks® Forum, so take full advantage of this opportunity to make the webinar what YOU need it to be. Visit the ChangeWorks® Forum page for more information.

Candidates who wish to JUMPSTART to the Practitioner level receive ALL of the training and support services included with the ChangeWorks® Community membership at NO CHARGE.  That represents a savings of $99.

To enroll, call Linda Napier at 704-987-6500.