Training for Professionals

ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner


The ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Development Plan —

After completing ChangeWorks® Essentials, candidates working with couples, small and large groups, and those conducting research continue to the ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Development Plan. There are two parts to the plan: Core Training and Licensing.

“ChangeWorks® Advanced” — CORE Training for ChangeWorks® Master Practitioners

Candidates participate in a series of four 90-minute “ChangeWorks® Advanced” private webinar lessons with the creator of the ChangeWorks® System, T. Falcon Napier. These lessons explore several advanced concepts in tension management and application of the ChangeGrid® for large and small groups. You will learn the best practices for Group and Research ChangeGrid® implementation, interpretation, and enhancing your ChangeGrid® readings.  This series is designed to provide you with a fully-customized learning experience and a quick start to integrating ChangeWorks® Group Profiling into your practice.  

“ChangeWorks® Advanced” Course Outline —

Session 1: Developing Activity Lists for Groups
Session 2: Using the Survey and Demographic Features
Session 3: Interpreting a Group Report
Session 4: Action Planning for Groups

ChangeWorks® Advanced Course Dates —

This course is conducted 1-on-1 with T. Falcon Napier and scheduled at your convenience.

“ChangeWorks® Advanced” Highlights —

The program includes:

• Four 90-minute “ChangeWorks® Advanced” PRIVATE webinars
• Course Workbook and Quick Reference Guides
• Pre- and post-session application assignments
• Access to recordings of all “ChangeWorks® Advanced” webinars
• Your own ChangeWorks® Profile & Personalized Reading

In addition, members of the International Coach Federation who successfully complete “ChangeWorks® Advanced” receive 4 CCEUs for Resource Development.

ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Licensing & Support —

Upon completion of the “ChangeWorks® Advanced” training program, graduates receive a one-year license to use the ChangeWorks® System with their group and organizational clients. In order to guarantee the level of support we believe our professionals deserve, there is a limit of 300 ChangeWorks® Master Practitioners permitted worldwide.

ChangeWorks® Master Practitioners receive a variety of additional training sessions and support services:

UNLIMITED ChangeWorks® System Access for Group Profiles —

Create as many Group ChangeWorks® Profiles as you wish without concerning yourself about a per-instrument fee.  We WANT you to use the ChangeGrid® with every client and every prospective client, frequently and without hesitation.  Live telephone support, system tutorials and email support are all available to you if you have any questions about the online system.

“ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner” Retreat —

During this 2-day live workshop, offered semi-annually, you’ll practice the full range of applications of the ChangeGrid® and develop greater fluency in ChangeGrid® debriefing techniques. The course is conducted by T. Falcon Napier. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the student.

“Certified ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner” Testing —

Upon successful completion of the Master Practitioner Retreat and reaching a variety of experiential milestones, you are eligible to participate in the certification examination process. This includes a performance review, a series of audited ChangeGrid® readings and both written and practical examinations.

“ChangeWorks® Ongoing Professional Development” — Professional Support Series

Every other week, ChangeWorks® Professionals are invited to participate in a variety of educational opportunities designed to deepen their understand, improve their skills, and enhance their effectiveness in using the ChangeWorks® System. These webinars are packed with creative integrations, best practices, marketing ideas, interesting ChangeGrids®, advanced concepts and practical applications of ChangeWorks®. These trainings are lead by T Falcon Napier.

ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Fees —

For individuals in PRIVATE PRACTICE, the standard fee for Year 1 is $5,500 (an initial payment of $2,500 plus $250 per month for 12 months) OR a single payment of $5,000. The fee for years 2 and beyond is $3,000 ($250 per month for 12 months) OR a single payment of $2,400.

Candidates who wish to JUMPSTART to the Master Practitioner level receive ALL of the training and support services included with the ChangeWorks® Practitioner designation AND the ChangeWorks® Community membership at NO CHARGE.

For professionals in a CORPORATE SETTING, the fee for Year 1 is $7,500, which includes all training and licensing for the first year.  This special license allows the professional to create ChangeWorks® profiles for ALL groups and teams throughout their organization. The fee for years 2 and beyond is $3,600 ($300 per month for 12 months) OR a single payment of $3,000.

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