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Engineering a REALLY Good Scare!

Hi, Everyone! Personally, you’ll never catch me at one of these places — but haunted houses, cornfields, hayrides and amusement parks are HUGE money-makers this time of year — and seem to be getting ever more popular. So that makes me wonder … where on the ChangeGrid® does a visitor to a haunted attraction need […]

Meet the 7 Strugglers

Hi, Everyone! As the findings of the Basic Business Viability Study of Independent Human Development Professionals have begun to reveal themselves, one VERY strong pattern has emerged: the majority of the coaches, trainers and consultants who have participated are struggling with the tasks of marketing and selling themselves effectively. These same issues were also found […]

Article: “The Business of Helping”

Hi, Everyone! Below, you’ll find an article I’ve written to set the stage for our first topic in the FREE “Building a Career That Matters” webinar series. The webinar will taken place on Monday, January 6th, 2014 from 11AM to 12Noon Eastern. To register for this webinar, please following this link: ____________________ The Business […]

Strategic Planning and Tension Management

Hi, Everyone! Here’s a ChangeWorks ApplicationBuilder article I just finished.  Let me know what you think! The Role of Tension Management in Strategic Planning As an independent trainer or consultant, you don’t have to facilitate many strategic planning retreats before you discover how challenging they can be — and the majority of those challenges are […]