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2013 ChangeWorks Professional Training Curriculum Starts This Wednesday!

Hi, Everyone!

This coming Wednesday, March 13, 2013 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM EST, we will begin presenting the full 34-week ChangeWorks Professional Training Curriculum. Here’s a reminder about the details:

ChangeWorks Professional Training Webinar Series 

Level 1: “ChangeWorks Essentials” — 4 Sessions

This series of four webinars are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks Change Management System. Upon completion, you are fully-equipped to design, administer and interpret Individual ChangeWorks Profiles for your clients.

Level 1: “ChangeGrid Layer-by-Layer” — 10 Sessions

Following “ChangeWorks Essentials,” students review a collection of ten webinars examining the ChangeGrid’s 10 major layers of insights and information. These webinars provide ChangeWorks Professionals with a rich depth of knowledge and a broad spectrum of understanding that adds value to the quality of the ChangeGrid interpretations they deliver.

Level 1: “Adjective Mapping” — 5 Sessions

This series of five webinars introduces you to the Comprehensive Adjective Map — an advanced reference tool for interpreting ChangeGrids.  The program explores the adjective mapping process and provides a thorough examination of the unique descriptors found at each coordinate pair.

Level 2: “ChangeWorks Practitioner” — 6 Sessions

Participate in this series of six webinars exploring several advanced concepts in tension management and advanced applications of the ChangeGrid for large and small groups.  You will also learn the best practices for ChangeGrid implementation, interpretation and enhancing your ChangeGrid readings.

Level 3: “ChangeWorks Master Practitioner” — 6 Sessions

Complete this series of webinars exploring the most advanced concepts in tension management, deeper layers of the ChangeGrid, statistical analysis of large and small ChangeWorks profiles and marketing and selling comprehensive tension management solutions to organizational clients.

Level 3: “ChangeWorks Trainer” — 3 Sessions

Certified ChangeWorks Professionals who wish to offer ChangeWorks training programs to their clients complete this series of three webinars covering program marketing, design and delivery of a variety of ChangeWorks programs ranging from a 30-minute keynote to a 3-day workshop.

ALL PAST and PRESENT ChangeWorks Professionals are welcome to attend the entire 19-week, Level 1 training curriculum. As always, every webinar is recorded as a courtesy for those professionals unable to attend the live program as well as for your ongoing review.

We do hope you’ll ALL plan to participate.


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