Our Community

The ChangeWorks® Community of Tension Management® Professionals

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the ChangeWorks® Community.  As someone who has completed a ChangeWorks® course and/or participated in one of our research studies, you are automatically enrolled as a lifetime member.  Your membership entitles you to powerful training programs and valuable services, all of which are designed to help you integrate the principles of Tension Management® throughout your life — and for you, it’s entirely FREE.

Here’s a partial list of what ChangeWorks® Community members receive:

“ChangeWorks® Essentials” Course —

All members of the ChangeWorks Community are invited to complete the “ChangeWorks® Essentials” course. This concentrated series of eight 90-minute webinars are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the principles of Tension Management® and the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks® Change Management System. Upon completion, you are fully equipped to integrate Tension Management® into your client work — as well as to design, administer and interpret Personal and Individual ChangeWorks® Profiles for yourself and your clients. If you’re a member of the International Coach Federation, completion of this course also earns you 12 CCEUs for Resource Development.  LEARN MORE.

“Mastering Personal Change” Course —

In addition to the hundreds of human development professionals who are members of the ChangeWorks® Community, we are also pleased to welcome individual (“non-professional”) members who enjoy learning about tension management and how it applies in their personal lives. “Mastering Personal Change” is designed with them in mind. Through a concentrated series of five 60-minute webinars, the course explores the impact that tension management has on personal performance, progress and productivity — and offers an approach for easily, effectively and efficiently managing change in all aspects of your life. “Mastering Personal Change” is FREE for our members and available to non-members for $595.  LEARN MORE.

Unlimited online access to the “My ChangeGrid®” system for LIFE —

Master change in your personal life through the use of our online ChangeWorks® System.  As a ChangeWorks® Community member, you have unlimited access to your personal ChangeGrid® where you can explore your readiness to succeed in any and all activities you wish to pursue. Add new activities … update current ratings … explore possibilities … learn what you need to do to get on and stay on track for reaching your goals. This service could easily be sold for $10-$30 per month, but a LIFETIME of access is FREE for our members.

• You can find the ChangeWorks System at: http://www.ChangeWorksSystem.com
• Your Username is your first name and last name, with no spaces, capital letters or punctuation.
• Your Password is “password” — but please change it to something else.

“Introduction to the My ChangeGrid® System” Tutorial —

By the end of this 30 minute webinar, you’ll know everything you need to know to create and maintain your personal ChangeWorks® profile using our online system. We had the first live event on Tuesday, January 28 and will put up the recording for your review on the ChangeWorks system. Subscribe to the blog so you will know when the next live class will be held and give us a call at 704-987-6500 if you have any questions.

“Building a Career That Matters” Webinar Series —

Whether you’re new to our industry or a seasoned veteran, this series of 52 information-packed webinars will help you to get on – and STAY on — the right path for building a successful professional practice as a trainer, coach or consultant.  Once each week for an entire year, T. Falcon Napier, Founder of the Institute for Productive Tension, will share the insights he’s gained over his 30+ years of experience growing a successful business and coaching hundreds of independent professionals in building careers that truly matter. “Building a Career That Matters” could easily fill a 2-WEEK seminar and command a fee of $5,000 or more — but it’s FREE for our members.  LEARN MORE.

Invitations to special events throughout the year —

Several times each year, we offer special personal development webinars to meet the needs of our members. Many of the subjects covered are the result of requests and recommendations from the ChangeWorks Community, so feel free to share your suggestions. It should come as no surprise that these events are FREE for our members to attend.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of these opportunities!