The Basics of Tension Management®

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Our 3-part video course: Mastering Personal Change

This is our series that lets you complete your own online ChangeGrid assessment.

In Mastering Personal Change you will explore how changes in your personal and professional life are affecting your emotions, reasoning abilities, decision making abilities and overall level of productivity — and you will learn how to optimize your results.

This course includes:

  • A Pre-training Change Readiness assessment
  • A private account on ChangeWorks System Online
  • Workbook and Quick Reference Guides
  • Four 30-minute video lessons:

Lesson 1 — “The Nature of Change”
Are humans, by nature, resistant to change? In this video lesson, we introduce the basic concepts and guiding principles of Tension Management®. Through it, you will develop a deeper understanding of the natural relationship between humans and change… and discover the real source of our apparent resistance.

Lesson 2 — “Understanding Productive Tension®”
This lesson explores the power of productive tension more deeply by immersing you in the “Four Dimensional Thinking” process central to the ChangeGrid. We also introduce you to the 5 levels of productive tension and explore how each serves you — and interferes with you — in managing change.

Lesson 3 — “Exploring Your Personal Tension”
In this lesson you will take a detailed inventory of your current situation and follow the directions for building your personal activity list and completing your Personal ChangeWorks® Profile using the online system. Through it, you will gain powerful and practical insights into your level of productive tension — and how it impacts the outcomes you seek.

Lesson 4 — “Managing Your Personal Tension”
This lesson will teach you how to interpret the Personal ChangeWorks Profile you created in the previous lesson and understand what your current location on the ChangeGrid means. You will also determine the most desirable location on the ChangeGrid for each activity and learn how to move yourself on the ChangeGrid to achieve maximum possible benefit.

Lesson 5 — “Applying Tension Management in Your Daily Life”
The final lesson in this video series helps you to take all that you’ve learned in the previous 4 lessons and apply it to your everyday life. You’ll learn more about how tension impacts what you do each and every day — and recognize and manage the productive tension experienced by others.

Start Mastering Personal Change!

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Going Deeper: Interpreting your ChangeGrid

If you would like to experience a complimentary in-depth ChangeGrid reading for yourself, participate in the Basic Business Viability Study (BBVS)