MasterStream® Training

What it is – and IS NOT

12 reasons clients rave about the MasterStream Method

  1. MasterStream is NOT A REHASH OF THE BASICS — Most sales training programs available today amount to little more than a repackaging job of tired closing techniques and outdated objection handlers — approaches which most sales people have already learned … and most consumers can easily spot. Instead, MasterStream builds on a salesperson’s existing skills, adding new knowledge, new skills and new insights for selling successfully in today’s savvy marketplace.
  2. MasterStream is NOT JUST FOR NOVICES — Regardless of the approach they’re currently using — regardless of the results they’re currently getting — the skills presented in a MasterStream training program will immediately help all sales representatives close more business in less time. Whether they’re the new kid on the block or an old pro, they will find the MasterStream approach logical, practical and comfortable … interesting and entertaining as well!
  3. MasterStream is NOT A RAH-RAH MOTIVATIONAL HYPEFEST — The inspirational stories typically told by a motivational speaker might move a salesperson to tears — but they offer little of lasting value. Quick boosts of emotional energy die just as quickly. It certainly makes for a lively keynote address — but it’s not training. The MasterStream Method focuses on providing PRACTICAL skills for securing sales in an increasingly difficult business climate — and that’s really motivating!
  4. MasterStream is NOT A QUICK FIX — Isn’t it interesting that most organizations insist that their salespeople have 4-year college degrees, yet expect them to master selling in a seminar of one day or less? Like anything else worth learning, MasterStream is worth learning well. Rather than focus on a single sore spot or the latest training trend, MasterStream provides sales professionals with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skill … learning that will last a lifetime.
  5. MasterStream is NOT ABOUT ATTITUDE — Yes, sales professionals need positive attitudes — but positive ACTIONS ultimately produce their bottom-line results. MasterStream programs skip the mind-morphing, psycho-babble and get right to the point: if you want different results than you’re currently getting, you’ll have to DO something differently than you’re currently doing. We train people in what to DO — not what to THINK about doing. MasterStream training programs focus on skills, not theories. Skills appreciate as you develop more competence and confidence in using them and skills are totally transferable to responsibilities within other areas of business.
  6. MasterStream is NOT MANIPULATIVE — No trial closes. No tie-downs. No pressure or conflict. Yet, as anyone who uses MasterStream can tell you, they close more business than they ever did — and they do it with a shorter presentation and far fewer objections. Every skill taught in MasterStream is designed to help sales professionals better understand their prospects’ needs and assist those prospects in taking timely action.
  7. MasterStream is RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED — The best use of your sales time is in identifying, initiating, developing and protecting LONG-TERM mutually-beneficial relationships with your existing and prospective clients. MasterStream puts those relationships exactly where they belong — at the heart of every moment of every sales call. It emphasizes the importance of placing the prospect’s needs above all else — and earning their business by helping them get what they value most.
  8. MasterStream is EASY TO LEARN — While MasterStream is an extremely sophisticated and robust approach for influencing others, it could not possibly be any easier to learn. Why? Two main reasons: First, MasterStream has been laid out in short, focused and logical steps that build effortlessly upon one another. Second, at the core of every MasterStream tip or technique is a fundamental truth about human nature — truths we all implicitly understand.
  9. MasterStream is EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE — Rather than focus on some specific event in the entire sales relationship, MasterStream has wide-spread application across EVERY event, including: lead generation, prospecting, pre-qualification, appointment setting, initial meetings, information gathering, solutions presentations, closing, follow-through, referral gathering and client care. It also applies to every FORM that influencing others may take, including: telephone calls, sales literature, promotional videos, group presentations, letter writing, visitations, trade shows, consultations an, of course, face-to-face interactions.
  10. MasterStream is EASILY REINFORCED — Sales training, like any skill worth developing, is only as effective as the practice and repetition that goes into it! Our programs are reinforced over time through our follow-up, designed to maintain and improve each student’s level of competency in using the skills, ensuring long-term satisfaction and enduring results. To make sure the benefits of MasterStream training don’t fade into the recesses of your mind, we provide our students with access to our website — With hundreds of pages of valuable content and a host of support services, our website provides you with enough reinforcement and additional learning material to fill your personal training needs for a very long time to come.
  11. MasterStream is HIGHLY COACHABLE — We further customize your training program at the individual level by offering every MasterStream bi-weekly LIVE teleconferences which allows each participant to more thoroughly understand every skill — and develop an action plan for applying the skills in their work situation.
  12. MasterStream is UNDENIABLY EFFECTIVE — We’re constantly receiving feedback from sales professionals who have increased their production and they attribute their success to MasterStream. One 36-month study showed that MasterStream training resulted in an increase of 100% for novice sales representatives and 50% for veterans — and raised the test division’s ranking from 72nd to 10th in the nation! Perhaps more important, MasterStream is viewed by our students as an approach that’s more natural, logical, practical, comfortable and effective than the typical approaches sales professionals have been force-fed for generations.

Shorter presentations. Fewer objections. Higher price points.

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