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Hello Everyone!

Here are the handouts for today’s program:

The ChangeGrid®

ChangeGrid® Interpretation Guide

I’d like to share a few resources that will help you to get on – and STAY on — the right path for building a successful professional practice as a coach, consultant or trainer:

FREE Assessment — The Basic Business Viability Study. I would like to invite you to participate in the Basic Business Viability Study. (BBVS) The BBVS explores the top 25 mission-critical activities independent professionals perform in building strong and thriving practices as trainers, coaches and consultants. The study reveals strengths and weaknesses, sources of stress and untapped potential. You will receive a complete ChangeWorks® Business Viability Assessment and a private debriefing of it for you. You will also be helping us with important research! Here’s the link to more information and to participate.

FREE Training — The “Building A Career That Matters”  webinar series is 52 information-packed webinars. Once each week for an entire year, I will share the insights, tools and techniques I’ve developed over 30+ years of experience growing a successful business and coaching hundreds of independent professionals in building careers that truly matter. Register for our blog and you will receive a message each week with the topic of the week and the registration link. These 60-minute webinars focus on the full range of roadblocks human development professionals routinely encounter — and pose key questions to consider as they build their practices.  Each webinar is independent of the others, so you can begin at any time — and all webinars are recorded for your review. Here is the “Building A Career That Matters” webpage with all the topics and archived classes.

And be sure to check out Materia Gratis for FREE Videos and Articles.

Become a ChangeWorks Professional —  ChangeWorks® Essentials. Would you like to know more about the ChangeGrid® assessment tool that I use with all my clients, how it will differentiate you from all other coaches and how you’ll make money? Here’s the link to the ChangeWorks Professional Briefing.

Feel free to call us with any questions — 704-987-6500.