Frequently Asked Questions

Why Those Who Offer ChangeWorks are in High Demand

How long has ChangeWorks and the ChangeGrid been in existence?
The ChangeGrid has enjoyed 25 years of practical application with individuals, partnerships and groups. The ChangeGrid encompasses and unifies over 400 human behavior models into one holistic approach.
Learn more in our video 'The Merging of Brilliance'

How could I use the ChangeGrid with my coaching client?
The ChangeGrid is an extremely versatile tool with numerous application opportunities depending on the work you’re doing with a particular client. Specifically, it:

  • Reveals the level of productive tension an individual or group is experiencing about a given situation.
  • Clarifies what changes are in question.
  • Assesses their readiness to face those changes.
  • Pinpoints the ideal level of tension associated with specific behaviors.
  • Allows a person to look in the mirror about themselves and their situations. That’s why it is nicknamed “The Oracle of the Self” – it reveals the conversation that YOU are having with YOU about YOU.
How is the ChangeGrid administered?
The ChangeWorks Analyst works with the client to select which statements are to be evaluated for a variety of situations in the client’s personal and professional life. Just about anything can be plotted — current responsibilities, routine activities, goals and objectives, proposed job changes, etc. Then the client(s) fill out their responses online regarding their perceptions and the results are plotted on the ChangeGrid.

The Analyst reviews and delivers the results to the client as part of a ChangeGrid reading (a debrief and interpretation of results). You can examine a single situation — or many situations simultaneously. In addition, the results can be for one individual or consolidated to map out the responses of an entire team to evaluate the overall group readiness for change. One ChangeGrid reading can pave the way for months of development work with a client.

What does the ChangeGrid reveal?
The ChangeGrid provides you and your client with situation specific insights about the individual or team’s readiness for change. It predicts the likelihood they will take action to resolve the situation WITHOUT additional outside support or guidance. It reveals how participants are responding to the changes taking place in their lives — and how their responses are affecting their emotional state, reasoning abilities, decision making abilities and overall level of productivity — what they’re paying attention to … and what they’re ignoring.

How does the ChangeGrid differ from other instruments?
The ChangeGrid is the only activity-specific instrument in existence. The client does NOT complete a standardized set of questions. Instead, a unique set of situation-specific activities is created by the client, with the help of a ChangeWorks Analyst. This means that:

  • It’s not a test — it’s a TOOL.
  • It doesn’t get used ONCE – it’s used continually.
  • It’s not static – it’s dynamic.
  • It’s not general – it’s specific.
  • It’s not esoteric — it’s actionable.
  • It’s not emotional – it’s logical.
  • It’s fully integrated into the entire change process.
  • It provides a unique map for each client.
  • It builds on your current expertise.
  • It doesn’t spit out a report — it showcases your value as a professional.
What about the instruments I’m currently using?
The goal is to have a collection of great tools for doing your work as a human development professional.

Keep using your existing tools whenever they make sense. The ChangeGrid reinforces and refines when to use your current instruments. It puts your existing knowledge of static instruments into dynamic motion.

Why would a coach add the ChangeGrid to their client plan?
Aside from all the good that ChangeGrid does for your clients, it distinguishes YOU from other coaches. The method reinforces your position as the most insightful, effective and valuable practitioner your client will ever find. As a result, you will enjoy longer coach/client relationships by giving you the chance to have deeper, more meaningful impact on your clients’ lives.

The ChangeGrid provides rapid clarity to help your clients change what is needed to gain the results they seek. It helps them not only see WHO they are, but WHAT they need to do. It maps out a visual course of action including starting points, destinations and strategies for getting there. Most importantly, it produces buy-in by the client on exactly what needs to be addressed.

In a very short period of time, the ChangeGrid helps the client see their own progress – enhancing their perceived value of your services.

How much money can I make as a ChangeWorks Professional?
That’s entirely up to you. You can incorporate the tools and methods into your business as you see fit and set your own pricing —

  • An individual profile reading, $100-$500
  • A group profile reading can easily bring fees of thousands of dollars. A profile of 10 participants across 20 activities is often priced anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000.
How does a coach become a Certified ChangeWorks Professional?
A 3-day intensive workshop followed by training calls that are free forever. Learn about Certification