Basic Business Viability Study — Interim Results

Basic Business Viability Study of Independent Human Development Professionals

Executive Briefing #1 — 3rd Quarter 2013
Participant Feedback on Accuracy and Value

Hello, Everyone!

We are pleased to share the results to date for our Basic Business Viability Study for Independent Human Development Professionals.

Before the study is completed 1,000 coaches, consultants and trainers will participate. To date, 114 professionals have completed all three steps of the research process:

1) They have completed the ChangeWorks® profile online.
2) They have participated in a private debrief of their ChangeGrid.
3) They have provided feedback about their experience.

Since the study reveals a rather vast amount of insight, we think it’s best to present the results in smaller sections as a series of Executive Briefings so as not to overwhelm anyone with the sheer volume of information. When the study is complete we will make the complete results and statistics available.

In subsequent briefings, we will present the findings and recommendations for each the 25 mission-critical activities the study explores. As we work our way through the series, we encourage all of you to have you ChangeGrid available for you to refer to as you learn more about yourself, your business and how you compare to your colleagues.

If you have questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 704-987-6500.

So let’s begin!


This Executive Briefing will focus on the feedback the participants provided following their private ChangeGrid reading. We begin with the findings from these questions to set a foundation for the research.

The first question participants were asked following their private ChangeGrid debrief was about the accuracy of their reading.

We couldn’t be happier with this result! Across all three disciplines, the answer was unanimous agreement. The highest score came from trainers, 90% of whom Agreed Strongly that the ChangeGrid was accurate. Looking at the population as a whole, Agree and Agree Strongly responses combined exceeded our goal, with a score of 96.6%. In fact, 100% of the professionals who self-identified as trainers or consultants Agreed or Agreed Strongly that their reading was accurate.



The second question participants were asked was about the value they received from their reading.

While accuracy is a wonderful thing, all by itself it accomplishes very little. We want to know that respondents received something valuable to them during their debrief experience — insights, understandings, confirmations, inspirations — SOMETHING that supports their progress. Here again, the results reflect overwhelming support for the ChangeGrid as a tool that delivers value to those who experience it. The highest score came from trainers, 100% of whom Agreed or Agreed Strongly that their ChangeGrid reading was valuable. Looking at the population as a whole, Agree and Agree Strongly responses combined exceeded our goal, with a score of 96.6%.


The third question asked if the ChangeGrid affirmed things the respondent already suspected.

One of the ChangeGrid’s key outcomes is that it reflects a respondent’s situation in a way that affirms and confirms what the respondent is thinking and feeling. Here again, the participants in the study are in strong agreement.


Question 4 asked the respondents if their reading opened their eyes to things they had not seen or thought about before.

While it is NOT always the case, we hope that a ChangeGrid reading will help respondents see and understand aspects of their situations they had not realized before. Our goal is that respondents have an eyeopening experience at least 80% of the time, and the results exceeded our goal across all three populations.


In the next update, we will show you how the respondents ranked the 25 mission-critical activities across all four dimensions — Size, Ability, Challenge and Importance — and identify the activities that are most-problematic for human development professionals.

In closing, if you have colleagues you believe would find participating in our study useful to them, we would appreciate you spreading the word.

Thank you again for your help —

T. Falcon Napier