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VITAL SERIES: “A Lifetime of Leads” begins Monday!

Hi, Everyone!

With nearly 250 human development professionals serving as research participants in our 2014 Basic Business Viability Study so far, we have now clearly identified the #1 Roadblock faced by coaches, trainers and consultants as they build the practice they want most.

“Marketing myself successfully to my ideal prospects” ranked 1st in SIZE, 24th in ABILITY, 1st in CHALLENGE and 2nd in IMPORTANCE.  That means that, compared to the other 24 mission-critical activities surveyed, marketing oneself successfully is the biggest, most challenging and extremely important activity, but the average human development professional lacks the knowledge, skills and resources to do it well.

If you think your current marketing strategy is working well, subject it to these litmus tests —

1) Does your current marketing approach bring you QUALIFIED INQUIRIES about your services IN EXCESS of your capacity to handle the work?

2) Is your calendar filled with the QUANTITY and QUALITY of clients you want?

3) Have you successfully raised your fees WITHOUT losing revenue overall?

If you fail in any of these tests, let’s fix things once and for all!

Starting next Monday, May 12, we will present a VERY important series of webinars —

“A Lifetime of Leads — 12 Methods for Building Your Business Without Making Cold Calls”

As members of the ChangeWorks® Community, you are ALL welcome to attend the series for FREE — and we’ve integrated it into the “Building a Career That Matters” curriculum to make it easy for everyone to attend.

“A Lifetime of Leads” provides insights and suggestions for maximizing your marketing effectiveness across 12 common business development approaches. The first subject we will explore is Clientbase Saturation — the fastest, easiest and least resource-consuming approach for boosting your revenue.

To register for this call, just follow this link:

Registration Link —


ALSO — a REMINDER to ALL LICENSED ChangeWorks® Professionals

“The ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer” continues on THIS Thursday, May 5, 2014 from 11AM to 12PM ET. Please note that this call is open exclusively to our Licensed ChangeWorks® Professionals — Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers. During this call, we continue our ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer in-depth exploration of the various “Maps of Humanity” that have been integrated into the tool as we know it today.  On this call, we will continue our discussion of Layer 5: Energies.  If you would like to understand the ChangeGrid® in it’s finest detail, please be sure to join us for this call!

Registration Link —

If you missed any of the previous webinars, you will find the recordings posted on the ChangeWorks® Ongoing Professional Development homepage OR at the Student Resources page for the program itself, “ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer

We do hope you’ll join in!


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