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ATTENTION: IPT Recruiter Training Begins Next Week!!

Hi, Everyone!

In follow-up of our “IPT Recruiter Opportunity Overview and FAQs” webinar this past Wednesday, we have set up a product training series, which begins next Wednesday, May 28 at 11AM. Here are the details:

Product Training for IPT Recruiters

IPT Recruiters sell a total of 7 products.  Each product has a 60-minute webinar devoted to teaching our Recruiters how to effectively market and sell to the ideal population.

For each product, we will cover:

• Product Description in Detail
• Product Pricing & Payment Options
• Identifying the Target Market
• Sourcing Leads
• Making Initial Contact
• Qualifying the Prospect
• Engaging the Prospect
• Presenting the Product
• Closing the Sale
• Registering the Student

We will also review the marketing materials we have available, including:

• Program Briefing
• Web Pages
• ChangeGrid® Integration

Here’s the line-up for the next training series.  All sessions are held from 11AM to 12PM Eastern and are recorded for your convenience.

How to sell: ChangeWorks® Community Memberships — Wednesday, May 28

How to sell: ChangeWorks® Practitioner Licenses — Wednesday, June 4

How to sell: ChangeWorks® Master Practitioner Licenses — Wednesday, June 11

How to sell: Certified ChangeWorks® Trainer Licenses — Wednesday, June 18

How to sell: Certified MasterStream® Trainer Licenses — Wednesday, June 25

How to sell: Certified Pride-Based Leadership® Trainer Licenses — Wednesday, July 2

How to sell: Licensing Agreements to Corporate Clients — Wednesday, July 9

Also, as IPT Recruiters, you are encouraged to call us directly with any questions you’d like to ask, ideas you’d like to brainstorm or suggestions you’d like to make:  704-987-6500.

If you weren’t able to attend last Wednesday’s webinar, it’s not too late to get involved.

Here’s a link for more information about the IPT Recruiter Opportunity:

Here’s a link to the recording of the webinar:

 We do hope you’ll plan to join in!


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