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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for ALL Licensed ChangeWorks® Professionals

Hi, Everyone!

Mark your calendars! Set aside the time! Take full advantage!

THIS WEEK, we begin “The ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer” — a NEW SERIES of training webinars that will take you on a deep dive into the richness of the ChangeGrid®.

While your ChangeWorks® Essentials training has given you everything you need to effectively use the ChangeGrid® with your clients, there is certainly a LOT more to learn! “The ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer” is an ENRICHMENT program, designed to dramatically expand your expertise as a ChangeWorks® Professional far beyond the basics, provide you with new insights to share with your clients and boost your confidence in interpreting ChangeGrids®.

The topics we’ll cover include:

• A Journey of Discovery
• Maps of Humanity
• The Merging of Brilliance
• Comparative Human Typological Analysis
• 9 Key Layers of the ChangeGrid®

Layer 0: Perceptions
Layer 1: Response States
Layer 2: Intensity
Layer 3: Style
Layer 4: Role
Layer 5: Energy
Layer 6: Balance
Layer 7: Danger
Layer 8: Engagement

• Adjective Mapping
• Four Dimensional Thinking

This program is open to ALL ChangeWorks® Professionals who are CURRENTLY LICENSED as Practitioners, Master Practitioners or Trainers.  (Linda will be sending a special broadcast of this post to all of you who are eligible, just so there’s no confusion — and to be sure you don’t miss this opportunity.)

Since we want ALL of our current ChangeWorks® Professionals to participate in this first offering of “The ChangeGrid® Layer-by-Layer,” we will be using the time slot we’ve traditionally set aside for our weekly Ongoing Professional Development webinar — Thursdays, from 11AM to 12Noon EST.  We estimate the program will take 10-12 weeks — and, as always, we’ll be recording all of the sessions for your access.

Here’s the link to register for the first session — this Thursday, March 27:

 I look forward to having you join us!




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