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Pride-Based Leadership Certification

Pride-Based Leadership Certification was held over the weekend.

The new certified and licensed professionals are, left to right,Perry
Holley (behind Steven and T), Regina Fasold, Kayte Connelly, Tom
Rosenak, Rex Gale and Greg Williams.

Linda Napier Photographer

Pride-Based Leadership Certification was held over the weekend.

If you would like to see more pictures click here!

We had two days of great training, a walk through the
Christmas of Davidson celebration and dinner at Restaurant
X on Friday night and dinner a the Napier’s on Saturday night.
Everyone said phenomenal things about the weekend and I
wanted to share some words from Greg and Tom and birthday
girl Kayte:)

What a grand, informative and noteworthy weekend was had!
The entire event was Informative, Inspirational and Invaluable.
Content, presence & connectivity filled the room consistently.
In short … our collective I’s shall benefit for the higher good of
all concerned.  Greg Williams

I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to experience the Pride-Based
Leadership Training. The content was powerful, the hospitality was
warm and generous and the ChangeWorks community  camaraderie
is unbeatable. Thank you T, Linda, Steven and James for your
gracious hospitality. Tom Rosenak

It went too fast. A triple threat. Fabulous training; outstanding
hospitality; stupendous classmates. Blessings all around.
Kayte Connelly

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