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This Week’s Webinars: Wednesday and Thursday

Hi, Everyone!

This week, we have two webinars we hope you will make time to attend:

ChangeWorks Professional Training Webinar Series —

This coming Wednesday, March 20, 2013 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM EST, we will continue with Week 2 of our 34-week ChangeWorks Professional Training Curriculum. This week, we’re presenting:

Level 1, Program 1: “ChangeWorks Essentials” — This series of four webinars are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks Change Management System. Upon completion, you are fully-equipped to design, administer and interpret Individual ChangeWorks Profiles for your clients.

Session 2 of 4:
Lesson 3: “Creating an Individual ChangeWorks Profile”
Lesson 4: Basic ChangeGrid Interpretation

ALL ChangeWorks Professionals PAST & PRESENT are welcome to attend. Follow this link to enroll »

ChangeWorks Ongoing Professional Development Webinar Series —

This Thursday, March 21st, at 11AM EDT, I will share specifics on a new set of topics I’ve been presenting in Europe — seemingly traditional soft-skills topics like Coaching, Team Building, Motivation, Leadership and Root Cause Analysis but with an emphasis on Tension Management. I think you’ll all find it very interesting and perhaps give you some ideas about new programs and topics you can offer your clients as well.

Register here »

Looking forward to hearing you on the calls!


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