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This Week’s Webinars: Wednesday and Thursday

Hi, Everyone!

This week, we have two webinars we hope you will make time to attend:

ChangeWorks Professional Training Webinar Series 

This coming Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM EST, we will continue with Week 3 of our 34-week ChangeWorks Professional Training Curriculum. This week, we’re presenting:

Level 1, Program 1: “ChangeWorks Essentials” — This series of four webinars are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the key concepts, skills, tools and techniques of the ChangeWorks Change Management System. Upon completion, you are fully-equipped to design, administer and interpret Individual ChangeWorks Profiles for your clients.

Session 3 of 4:

Lesson 5: “How to Read a ChangeGrid”

Lesson 6: “Determining Desired Locations”

ALL ChangeWorks Professionals PAST & PRESENT are welcome to attend. Follow this link to enroll »

ChangeWorks Ongoing Professional Development Webinar Series 

This Thursday, March 28th, at 11AM EDT, I will continue to share specifics on a new set of topics I’ve been presenting in Europe — seemingly traditional soft-skills topics like Coaching, Team Building, Motivation, Leadership and Root Cause Analysis but with an emphasis on Tension Management.  If you didn’t attend last week’s program we would encourage you to listen to the recording. The focus was on Attitude and Core Communication Skills. This week, we will talk about two more subjects: Root Cause Analysis and Motivation.  I think you’ll all find it very interesting and perhaps give you some ideas about new programs and topics you can offer your clients as well.

Register here »

Looking forward to hearing you on the calls!


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